Driving online event registrations and participation


Drive registration and attendance for the Fall 2022 GTC developers conference.

KPI: 200,000 APAC Registrations; 50,000 Attendees


To drive registrations for the GTC conference, we launched a series of Register campaigns across 16 countries/regions and 15 global channels. Daily optimizations were made to improve performance:

  • Shifted budgets to higher performing swimlanes and regions
  • Recommended new ad copy
  • Leveraged regional media channels
  • Tested new industry-specific media outlets
  • Nurtured registrants by retargeting them with Attend campaigns with the goal of attending GTC sessions


  • Paid media drove 15% of overall registrations, 12% of overall attendees, 38% of overall web traffic, and the majority of keynote views. We exceeded our goals in each bucket
  • Cost per Registration from paid media decreased from $33 in Spring to $15 in the Fall (-75%).