We drive results with a
signature approach.


The right
content at the
right time in the
right channel

that drives
revenue and
reduces costs

Build brands.

Create engagement.

Drive sales.

Customer-centric solutions

Strategy & Campaigns

We analyze and segment your audiences,
uncover motivations and drivers, build
personas, and understand the sales
environment and competition.
With these insights, we design integrated
customer-centric campaigns that build
brands and drive conversion over the
considered-purchase journey.


We create content strategies that help B2B and financial services marketersconnect with specialized, professional audiences.

From data-driven content marketing, to thought leadership, educational campaigns, infographics and video. We create the right content on the right channel at the right time.

Paid &
Earned Media

Our media teams craft organic and paid campaigns across digital and social media working with global and regional publishers, platforms, and data providers.

We drive results across display,  programmatic, SEM, and SEO. Our media capabilities span Google, The Trade Desk, AdForm, Yahoo, Baidu, WeChat, TikTok, Weibo, Little Red Book, Naver, LINE, and more.

Marketing Technology and

Our teams understand the value of a single data view of the customer and we have the expertise and partnerships to build marketing technology stacks.

Across websites, engagement platforms, email, WeChat, search and display media and CRMs, we integrate the flow of data and insights for the best customer experience and marketing performance.

Our Platform Expertise

We have capabilities across a full range of global and regional social media, search and advertising platforms.

Establish your brand on WeChat, connect with a vast audience, and cultivate a strong social influence. Our optimized WeChat services unlock the immense potential of the Chinese market through account setup, content strategy, and more.

Maximize your marketing objectives with our expert team’s impactful Google Search and Display Ads campaigns. Drive targeted traffic, boost visibility, and generate measurable results to maximize your online presence and effectively reach your target audience.

Unlock growth opportunities with our comprehensive LinkedIn services. Establish thought leadership through strategic content, profile optimization, and engagement. Leverage LinkedIn’s network to drive engagement, expand reach, and enhance brand visibility.

Expand your reach in China with our specialized Baidu services. Drive targeted traffic, increase brand visibility, and achieve business objectives with our expertise in Baidu advertising and SEO strategies. Reach a wider audience and navigate the complexities of the Chinese digital landscape effectively.

Elevate marketing strategies and unlock Marketo’s full potential with our comprehensive services. Craft engaging landing pages, drive customer engagement, and optimize lead generation efforts using Marketo’s robust marketing automation platform. Achieve marketing goals with precision and efficiency while nurturing customer relationships.

Enhance customer experiences and unlock growth opportunities with our comprehensive Adobe Analytics services. Leverage data-driven insights to optimize marketing strategies and drive meaningful results. Our expert team will guide you from implementation to reporting, maximizing the potential of Adobe Analytics for exceptional outcomes.

Maximize campaign effectiveness with our comprehensive CvE services. Efficiently reach and achieve meaningful results with our specialized CvE services, leveraging our expertise in programmatic audience solutions to build impactful campaigns that target the right audience and optimize performance through data-driven strategies.

Our Facebook services are tailored to help businesses engage prospects in highly targeted ways. With our expertise, we’ll optimize your Facebook campaigns, enabling you to reach the right audience, drive engagement, and achieve your marketing goals effectively.

Our Trade Desk services leverage the strengths of this global demand-side platform (DSP) to efficiently find and engage prospects. With our expertise, we’ll optimize your campaigns, ensuring you reach the right audience, maximize ad performance, and unlock new growth opportunities.

Empower your business with our HubSpot services, driving digital transformation through the versatile platform. Streamline processes, automate marketing, and optimize customer interactions for operational efficiency and accelerated growth.

Maximize results with our comprehensive Oracle services. From campaigns to lead scoring and performance optimization, our expertise will help you achieve your marketing goals effectively.

Our Network

With formal partnerships, we’re able to serve clients globally and with complimentary capabilities to ours. Join the network and partner with Current Asia.

We work hand-in-hand with our Japan partners to deliver cross-border B2B campaigns for Japanese companies going global and MNCs building their business in Japan.

The Moveo team’s strategic approach and extensive lead generation and marketing capabilities energize many of our US campaigns.