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    Can you separate the signal from the noise...?


    Have you mapped your customer journeys?


    Do you have a dashboard view of your online marketing ROI?


    Are you getting full value from marketing automation?


    If you are like most businesses, the answer is NO.


    And that’s why we’re here.

  • Elements of Success

    We know and deploy the right marketing technologies to maximize the value of your current customers and prospects, as well as drive revenue.


    We bring together soft organizational and hard technical workstreams to deliver business solutions.



    Customers, employees, and external stakeholders are the starting point. Platforms and technologies come later, after the human dynamic is clear.


    How do you interact with customers and prospects today? How does that map to best practice? We’ll do a gap analysis with recommended actions.


    The key to customer acquisition and engagement is your ability to do and say things that are truly interesting. Hard to do once and harder to sustain.


    Selecting the right platforms, analytics and tools requires critical and expensive decisions. And most marketers need help to deploy effectively.


    We Deliver

    Data-driven CONTENT strategies and then create and source streams of content to power customer engagement and lead-generation campaigns

    Marketing TECH - identify and set up marketing tech stacks and connect them to provide a single data view of the customer

    Managed SERVICES - we run campaigns across platforms, generate reports, do analytics, optimise and manage process so marketers don't have to


    Our team includes innovators, planners, data scientists, and program managers. We have experience across systems integration, analytics, marketing strategy, content creation and campaign deployment.


    We know the technologies and the platforms from the inside out, as well as the companies and people who offer them. We help navigate the process of shortlisting and evaluating vendors, setting up campaign templates, and training teams to run effective modern marketing.


    David Ketchum

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    David has 24 years in Asia Pacific and 30+ years of international marketing and consulting experience with Bite, Upstream Asia, Calvin Klein and Burson-Marsteller. He’s also Chairman of the Digital + Direct Marketing Association Asia.


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    Cavan Downes

    CIO - Head of Customer Solutions

    Cavan and his team deliver best-of-breed marketing technology solutions. He has 20+ years of experience building data-driven solutions and marketing platforms at Epsilon, Net Gravity and BT. Cavan develops business solutions that empower multichannel marketing programs

    Oliver Cartwright

    Senior Strategist - Brand and Content

    Ollie has more than 20 years' experience developing brands and innovation for multinationals around the world, including Hilton, AIA, Unilever, Hasbro, Prudential, British Airways, Colgate, Sanofi and Richemont. He has been based in Hong Kong since 2002. His mission at Current Asia is to ensure that all propositions are compelling to customers, distinctive in the market-place and credible and on-brand.

    Alan Chia

    Director of Marketing , Technology and Business Solutions

    With more than 10 years of experience in translating business initiatives into actionable and quantifiable marketing campaigns, Alan belongs to a rare breed of marketer who will fit into both strategic and operational role within the marketing team. His experience on Marketing Automation platforms, Customer Relationship Management platforms and Data Visualisation tools has provide insights and actionable recommendations to clients to optimise their marketing efforts through data-driven approach.

    Sabine Borgia

    Content Director

    Sabine has extensive experience as an editor, sub-editor and journalist with the South China Morning Post, television and radio English news broadcasting, and online media, including corporate copywriting, and website content writing and editing. At Current Asia she helps develop Buyer Profiles and content strategies to engage our clients’ customer audiences, as well as delivering streams of highly relevant and compelling content.

    Joyce Yu

    Marketing Program Manager

    Joyce has eight years’ experience in Marketing, most recently as an Assistant e-Commerce Manager at FLE Hong Kong, Marketing Manager, CRM and Marketing Executive, including digital and e-commerce platform management, and defining marketing and PR strategies. At Current Asia she helps develop and execute campaigns for clients, and monitors and analyzes campaign performance. Her activities include digital, programmatic, social and database marketing.


    Dominic Powers

    Senior Advisor

    With more than 20 years of global marketing and technology experience, Dominic spent the last decade growing Europe and Asia Pacific for Epsilon, one of the world’s leading marketing services companies. He is now an investor, advisor, and connector, helping brands, agencies and technology companies navigate the world of consumer engagement.


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    Michael Zung

    Senior Advisor

    Mike has 20 years of internet start-up, marketing communications, business development, finance, and management experience. In Asia he helped launch DoubleClick (now part of Google), HSBC Direct, and BazaarVoice. He also founded digital agency OneXeno, now part of Text 100.


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    Regina Leung

    Senior Advisor

    20 years experience with data-driven marketing programs in Asia-Pacific that promote customer experience and sustainable business growth. Most recent she was with Epsilon, and prior she served as a marketer with The Economist and Euromoney, as well as working at 24/7 Media Asia.


    We’re a new breed of business solutions company. Unlike traditional agencies that drive revenue from media, we start with consulting services and focus on helping companies get ROI from all the marketing automation technologies and platforms available.


    Marketing automation from Marketo, Oracle, Adobe, IBM, and others is becoming mainstream but marketers - whether they are senior and "old school" or less experienced digital natives - need help to implement the technologies. We deliver ROI by helping companies push through the hard parts of deploying marketing technologies and platforms, and closing the gap between their current situation and the future potential.


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    Look Who's Talking

    Ketchum finds new current in emerging tech marketing space

    Current Asia’s work on behalf of Verizon Enterprise won a Silver “Excellence in Programmatic” award at the 2016 Marketing Excellence Awards. The campaign goal was to bring decision makers to engage with Verizon’s new APAC microsite, using compelling perspectives on how the network world is changing. The very specific audience was targeted with cross-platform programmatic advertising with integrated tracking and sub-segment re-targeting. The campaign achieved a high click-through rate for such a niche B2B sector, and was a significant driver of traffic to Verizon’s APAC marketing microsite.

    Ketchum finds new current in emerging tech marketing space

    ClickZ's Sophie Loras covers APAC-based chief marketing officers meeting for an exclusive breakfast at ClickZ Live Hong Kong, who outlined some of the key challenges inhibiting transformation of the businesses they work for in What’s holding back CMOs in Asia?


    David Ketchum, chief executive officer, Current Asia, and moderator of the ClickZ Live Hong Kong CMO breakfast, asked where transformation begins. “Where are the forces for change?”


    David Ketchum’s new company comes ‘out of stealth mode’, unveils management line-up

    On June 17th, 2015, David Ketchum had a Q&A with Mumbrella where he talks about the difficulties he’s faced in setting up Current Asia, how Singapore and Hong Kong compare as places to set up a business, and the value in learning when to say ‘no’.



    On May 11, 2015, David Ketchum wrote a piece for Campaign Asia-Pacific entitled "Integrating ad tech:  Robocop approach to staying ahead".  Agencies face a choice between creating ad technology or identifying the right solutions for clients, says David Ketchum founder of Current Asia....

    On May 8th, 2015, David Ketchum spoke with eMarketer’s Lisa Barron about the changing role of the consumer in Asia-Pacific and the swift rise of marketing technology. "

    Current Asia, a new breed of marketing business solutions provider, has came out of a “stealth mode” set-up period to begin servicing the need of senior Asia-based marketing decision makers.

    On December 16, 2014, Campaign Asia Pacific covered Current Asia: "Singapore and Hong Kong - Current Asia, a new breed of marketing business solutions provider, has came out of a “stealth mode” set-up period to begin servicing the need of senior Asia-based marketing decision makers."


    Published in mUmbrella on December 15:  


    David Ketchum’s new company comes ‘out of stealth mode’, unveils management line-up


    David Ketchum’s new company comes ‘out of stealth mode’, unveils management line-up


    Current Asia, the new agency founded by former Bite Communications boss David Ketchum, announced its management line-up for its offices in Singapore and Hong Kong.




    Read more here.


    Ketchum finds new current in emerging tech marketing space

    Marketing-Interactive's Matt Eaton covered the launch of Current Asia on December 2, 2014, “Marketers are still doing things the way they always have, but it’s time to really take a step back and see what the new customer journey looks like today,” [David Ketchum] said.

    There’s also a sense of bewilderment among senior marketers about the right technology to use and integrating internal systems, he added.

    “What if you lunged into this with the wrong thing? You’re left with orphan technology that doesn’t integrate with anything. Now is the time to take a deep breath and find out what that process is.”


    Current Asia is a Marketo Partner


    Marketo puts Marketing First in everything they do. Recognized as a leader in the industry by Gartner, Forrester, and SiriusDecisions, they help you transform your digital marketing with constant product innovation, a vibrant community of marketers, and a robust partner ecosystem.


    Current Asia is an Oracle Marketing Cloud Partner


    Oracle Marketing Cloud provides CMOs with data-driven solutions to unify marketing resources and empower teams to deliver more personalized customer experiences across every channel that attract and retain ideal customers.


    Current Asia is a HubSpot Partner


    From attracting visitors to closing customers, HubSpot brings your entire marketing funnel together. The result?


    Less hassle, more control, and an inbound marketing strategy that actually works.


    The Trade Desk powers the most sophisticated buyers in advertising technology, including Current Asia


    The Trade Desk has become the fastest growing demand-side platform in the industry by offering agencies, aggregators and their advertisers best-in-class technology to manage display, social and video advertising campaigns. The Trade Desk empowers buyers at the campaign level with the most expressive bid capabilities in market, full-funnel attribution, and detailed reporting that illustrates the consumer journey from initial impression to conversion.


    Current Asia supports the [D+D]


    [D+D] is an industry group with a dual mission to maximise the value of marketers’ investment and to enhance the customer experience. [D+D] promotes the effective use of digital and direct marketing across Asia Pacific. [D+D] provides an industry meeting place, shares digital and direct best practices for customer engagement, and sets the highest standards for responsible use of customer data. [D+D] fuses the Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA) and the Hong Kong Direct Marketing Association (HKDMA) which, together, have a track record stretching back more than 20 years.  David Ketchum, who is the CEO of Current Asia, currently serves as the Chairman of the [D+D].  For more information visit www.ddma.asia.



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