There’s a lot of talk about the strategies companies use to create and distribute content, but as a business person, how do you receive it, interact with it and/or block it? What’s your CQ (content quotient) and which group do you belong to? Are you a Curator, a Glutton, or a Blocker?

The Curator

Do you carefully pick which feeds and groups you subscribe to? Do you unsubscribe to content that you think doesn’t fit your needs and interests? Do you block social media followers and unfriend people? Do you use search to find what you want, rather than waiting for information to come to you? Then you’re a Curator.

The Glutton

Do you “drink from the firehose” and receive torrents of information in real time all day every day, and sort out what’s interesting or useful on the fly? Do you subscribe to hundreds of newsletters? Do you suffer from RDF (“Repetitive Delete Finger”), the strain caused by constantly swiping irrelevant information away? (Not to be confused with RTF: Repetitive Tinder Finger). Then you’re a Glutton.

The Blocker

Do you lash out in fury when the hotel you stayed at nine months ago sends you a promotional message about their all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet? Is your time and attention so valuable that you gate all information heading your way, and focus only on (for example) technology news and Premier League Football? Then you’re a Blocker.

Take a moment to think about which category you’re in, and consider switching. The Glutton can learn much from the Curator, and The Blocker can learn much from the Glutton. Imagine how dull a world we would live in if we only saw what we were expecting and how unrealistic it is to only get what we want.

P.S. I am a Glutton aspiring to be a Content Gourmet.