Use the Tools! We’re test-driving tech. Today we’re looking at how Wisers WiseInfluencer can help identify, track and analyse key opinion leaders (KOLs). Brands are looking to grow their audience and sales through popular influencers on social media.With Hong Kong FinTech Week coming up, we’re taking a look at the financial services sector in Hong Kong to see who the most influential KOLs are and what insights we can uncover.

Hong Kong FinTech Week

If you’re a financial services firm, which channels should you be targeting and which KOLs should you engage with?

Facebook is the most popular channel for finance influencers, which makes sense because 75% of all Hong Kong people use it.

Hong Kong Social Media Penetration

Source: Statista

Even though Facebook and YouTube penetration is about the same, there is more than 15 times more finance influencer content on Facebook than on YouTube — and Instagram.

As a financial services firm operating in Hong Kong, you would certainly want to engage with the top three finance influencers, who have a combined 416,000 followers – that’s a little more than 8% of Hong Kong’s 15-64 year old population (assuming no duplication of followers). 我要做股神陳繼宇 Jason Chan 通達網絡 and 龔成 have 192,000, 152,000 and 72,000 Facebook users respectively. They’re not household names, but are disproportionately influential.

Over on YouTube, 我要做股神 has a channel with 117,000 subscribers that demonstrates his rich-media content capabilities, such as YouTube Live.

Want to add some micro-influencers with less than 10,000 fans each to your watchlist? Don’t miss 捕風 張曉峯陳承龍 Chan Shing Lung and 胡國威 – 胡•說樓市.

This test drive of WiseInfluencer shows how you can get insights to evaluate and benchmark influencers in a specific category and build your influencer marketing strategy. WiseInfluencer covers more than 34 sectors, across 5 major social channels for quick comparison.

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