Rajiv is dedicated to conservation and serves as Chairman of the Leadership Council for The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Indonesia

Rajiv joined New Hope Group in July 2018 as CEO of SE Asia. He is recognized as a professional with superb personal and business relationships at some of the largest groups and corporations throughout the Asia Pacific region. Indeed, Rajiv’s particular strength throughout his career has been to support these relationships with strategic ideas around the world – a strength he continues to deliver to several family groups particularly in Indonesia.

Rajiv is a global investment executive with over 20 years of experience in SE Asia – most notably in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam – leading businesses and creating brand shareholder value in Financial Services, Private equity and private conglomerates. Until just recently he served as CEO and Managing Director of New Hope Group, a $20 billion plus group, SE Asia as well as Vice President of New Hope International, a leading food and diversified Chinese conglomerate.

Prior to joining New Hope, Rajiv was the Head of Investment Banking and Country Head of UBS, Indonesia, and thereafter as ManagingDirector for the Carlyle Group in Indonesia. During his leadership at UBS, Rajiv also led the team to be the top-rated cross border merger and acquisition investment bank in Indonesia, advising clients in Australia, Japan, Europe and America. Some notable achievements include multiple milestone privatizations for the government of Indonesia, advisory work for major global brands such as BHP Billiton (Australia), British American Tobacco (UK), Newmont Mining (USA), Vale (Brazil) Standard Chartered Bank (UK/Asia) and Jardine Matheson group (HK/Indonesia)