Brand refresh to reach new customer segments


Current Asia

Work Categories

Customer and Key Stakeholder Interviews
Process Mapping
Key Positioning and Messaging
Product Development
Product Naming

Key Objectives

  • Reach new customer segments to achieve growth while retaining existing core customers
  • Position Wisers as a true leader in the Greater China AI and customer insight space

Market Challenges

  • Truly differentiate in the crowded social media monitoring and insight sector
  • Reach senior marketing and corporate decision makers who may have been previously unaware of Wisers

Creative Process

Personas & Customer Journeys

  • Starting with internal and external stakeholder interviews and a market analysis and competitive review, we then provided a workshop with senior management, product, and brand executives
  • As a result of the workshop, we were able to identify 7 customer types and focused on 3 for bespoke messaging
  • Identified a brand framework with the key essence and purpose of the brand going forward and the supporting segmented value propositions for the new customer types

Insight & Positioning

  • Focused on brand foundation and differentiators with internal stakeholders
  • Focused on dynamics of Wiser’s markets, including new customer types, wants and needs in an increasingly automated world
  • The most compelling value prop for the target customer was the ability to make smart decisions rather than the data and solutions that Wisers provides.
  • New, customized, branded solutions that specifically answered the needs of verticals and customer segments


  • Special blend of AI combined with human intelligence and these assets were packaged together as business solutions that target specific customer segments such as finance, consumer marketing, crisis comms, etc.
  • Framework and copy for Website
  • Brand articulation that was passed on to visual designer

The Results

Drove significant incremental revenue from new customer segments and reinforced their leadership as a data provider and business solutions company alongside other big names

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