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Stakeholder Interviews
Competitive and Market Analysis
Localization of GLobal campaigns
Content Creation
Social Media Training

Key Objectives

  • Engage with CFOs and general counsels at multinational and leading Asia-based companies
  • Bring to life the relevance of TMF Group’s services in the APAC region
  • Drive relevant web traffic and stimulate inquiries

Market Challenges

  • Articulate TMF Group’s global footprint and local expertise
  • Identifying a value proposition that will resonate with senior decision makers and influencers

Creative Process

Personas & Customer Journeys

  • Created detailed, specific personas of TMF Group’s high potential prospects
  • Tailored the global content campaign strategy to be compelling and relevant to the Asia Pacific region

Insight & Positioning

  • Asia Pacific has some of the world’s most complex operating environments against a background of evolving regulation
  • TMF Group is an independent provider of relevant services in tune with local market needs and global standards

Campaign Framework

  • Taking the global campaign, “Venture Further” we tailored it to focus on the importance of business confidence in dynamic times. Everyone else is doing fear, uncertainty and doubt so we took a different position.
  • Amplified the potential of what could be achieved when hiring TMF Group


  • Content Framework and campaign calendar
  • Full range of multimedia content including video, text and infographics

The REsults

  • Engagement with senior decision makers in line with global brand requirements with specific appeal to markets as diverse as Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia
  • Sustained and integrated presence across LinkedIn, email, and the TMF Group website in ways that drove relevant traffic and drove in-bound inquiries

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