Big Data Campaign

It is an integrated promotion campaign which covers content marketing, digital marketing and design. 


Current Asia


Web Design
Content Marketing
Digital Ads


Key Objectives:
Building market presence and credibility for Rackspace big data solutions
Effectively reach both IT and business decision makers
Drives sales leads for their big data service offerings

Market Challenges:
Market “hype” about big data creates customer interest
Rackspace better known for Managed Cloud and Fanatical Support
Lower awareness as a Big Data service provider compared to some other cloud/hosting players in the market

Creative Process

Building market presence and credibility for Rackspace big data solutions is a longer term objective.
The primary focus for this campaign is to begin segmenting the market opportunity and build awareness and educating decision makers and starting to drive sales leads.

Personas & Customer Journeys

Use systematic research to develop customer personas.
Research included:

  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Customer interviews
  • Focus group
  • Market/competitor research

Insight & Positioning

Different personas need significantly different approach and content:

  • IT decision makers want functionality and price
  • Business decision makers want education and context

Customer journeys for the two groups have different paths and touchpoints.

Campaign Framework

Roll out an integrated campaign that efficiently reaches both decision maker types at their key touchpoints, with the right content and interactions.
Create and promote high value, gated content to capture audience data and educate decision makers.


Content Marketing

Design data-driven content marketing strategy
Create content-rich big data microsite with two distinct UX tracks, covering thought leadership pieces, advice, insight, tips, whitepapers and guides with CTA to download copy.
Build big data content and education into Rackspace’s ‘Solve’ conference.
Live Chat with Rackspace experts to engage with interested parties visiting the microsite
Big Data Webinar Series presented by Solutions Architect Gene Tang at Rackspace in Hong Kong to demonstrate expertise.


Web Design

Distinctive big data look and feel and iconography were designed for web use.

Digital Ads

Drive relevant traffic to each track with:

  • Banner ads
  • eDMs
  • Search optimization


Trustworthy, intelligent and genuine voice and tone, to position Rackspace as a confident and capable partner.


New and growing credibility in high-potential but crowded market
Big Data Microsite generates flow of targeted sales leads
Highly engaging (just 9% bounce rate)

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