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“You’re Home” Campaign

JLL’s re-positioned Residential business higher-than-ever-before-achieved profitability and grew at the same time.


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Key Objectives

Position JLL as a holistic service provider offering residential leasing and relocation services for both tenants and landlords.
Make the brand accessible and personal whilst maintaining corporate professionalism, and differentiate from the competition.
Educate the market that JLL handles mid-range properties as well as luxury.

Market Challenges

Business strategy crossroads – stay premium or serve a wider market?
Changing customer demographics – more clients are looking for personal rather than corporate leases, with fewer expat corporate relocations
Market demand for lower budget (HK$30,000+ a month) properties rising and creating a new business opportunity

Creative Process

A new marketing strategy was needed to capitalize on the changing market opportunities.

Personas & Customer Journeys

Conduct research to understand the changing market; and new, existing and evolving client types:
Identified four customer personas and mapped their customer journeys

  • Corporate Landlord
  • Local Landlord
  • HK-Based Tenant
  • Overseas / Local Expats

Created fact-based profiles which provided powerful guides and insights into what prospective clients’ thoughts and next steps were in their real estate journey

Insight & Positioning

Everyone has a different idea of what ‘home’ is. It’s not just about real estate, but also about family life, schools, lifestyle, interior design, personal style and more.
JLL is Hong Kong’s leading “full package” provider across leasing and relocation services, and is best in the market at delivering whatever any client’s definition of ‘home’ is.
The new positioning embraced JLL’s traditional strengths in relocation and luxury properties, and opened new, credible ways to engage with local audiences and mid-range landlords.

Campaign Framework

You’re Home

  • A simple statement that captures how JLL’s skills, resources and contacts work together to deliver that intangible but crucial customer benefit: feeling at home.

This promise is brought to life by the JLL team’s approach:

  • Passionate, Personable and Knowledgeable
  • Diverse
  • Landlords and tenants benefit from the team
  • Understanding tenants’ requirements


Icons and Tone

JLL Residential re-launched with a fresh new visual look, and the lively tone of the “You’re Home” content is designed to work across all platforms from web, social media and print to PR.
A library of upscale, “East Meets West” fun and quirky style icons and images of traditional and modern Hong Kong were created for internal / external marketing collateral and client welcome kits.


Media and Collaterals

The You’re Home campaign was rolled out across the web, social media, eDMs, collateral, and all aspects of marketing; matched with an upgrade of relevant search-optimised content.
Three guides packed with essential information were created to help relocating tenants settle into Hong Kong. They contained overviews of neighborhoods, leisure and dining, schooling options and domestic help.


In a market with declining expat arrivals and relocations, JLL’s re-positioned Residential business higher-than-ever-before-achieved profitability and grew at the same time.
The “You’re Home” Facebook campaign added hundreds of new newsletter sign-ups.
Online campaigns (paid and organic social media and SEM) drove website visitors up by 116%.
All traffic metrics have increased Y-O-Y: paid social media, organic social media, organic search, paid search, referrals, corporate sites, and emails opened.
Double digit upswing in the number of enquiries received from prospective tenants and general website enquiries
Uptick in residential listings by Landlords.
JLL is receiving considerably more feedback from clients who have seen JLL’s branding in adverts both on and offline, and also from Stella Abraham’s ‘You’re Home Blog’, which focuses on property, relocations, schooling and life in Hong Kong.
Intangible: Distinctive residential positioning for JLL that leverages strengths and aligns for the next generation of market development and competition.

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