China Market and Customer Insights


Current Asia


Customer Personas
Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Research and Interviews
Data Analysis

Key Objectives

  • Enable Flexport’s sales team with up to date and accurate insights on perspective customers as the business expands in China
  • Synthesize internal and external data sets to create a clear picture of the high potential customer and prospect types in China
  • Help provide strategic framework for future marketing activities

Market Challenges

  • Flexport is a global player, originating from Silicon Valley, and the business model needs to be explained and positioned for effectiveness in the Chinese market
  • Competitive, generic commodity and price-driven shipping sector

Creative Process

Personas & Customer Journeys

  • Starting point was to identify three main customer segments (MNC companies in China, Chinese companies going global and Chinese companies operating in China)
  • We conducted 50 intensive 1 on 1 interviews with representatives from each of the segments
  • Then we analyzed third party and Flexport customer data to identify purchasing patterns and firmographics. Then we mapped the customer journey for each segment type, identifying the key online and offline marketing touchpoints.


Ultimately resulted in two key reports delivered to Flexport marketing and management as a strategic framework and choice of campaigns and tactics for the China market


Clear, well articulated view of high potential customer segments in China with indicators for customer engagement, marketing and sales enablement.

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