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Lead Gen Campaign
Localization of Global Content
Acquisition of customer prospect databases
Social Media
Email Marketing

Key Objectives

  • Generate leads from APAC markets in line with their global ICP (ideal customer profile)
  • Target large enterprise manufacturers and software companies
  • Drive demand for Digital River’s range of ecommerce solutions

Market Challenges

  • Digital River’s global experience required a specific definition of potential customers
  • Strict qualifying criteria
  • Need to engage with prospects at precisely the moment they are considering digital business growth and e-commerce solutions.

Creative Process

Personas & Customer Journeys

  • Adapt and localize their global program for use in Asia Pacific region, including repurposing marketing materials with in-market statistics and examples and transcreating content in local languages
  • A test-and-learn approach with pilot campaigns across LinkedIn, WeChat and partnerships with relevant industry publications across three distinct content strategies to be able to see performance and amplify the best approach

Insight & Positioning

  • In Asia Pacific, there are many businesses looking for a turnkey solution to digital business
  • Digital River, as a thought leader that truly understands, manufactures software

Campaign Framework

  • Three content pillars: going global; making your business a subscription business; expanding globally without distributors or partners
  • Each approach was captured in an informative and in-depth white paper and put behind a gated form to capture perspective customers’ professional contact information in return for accessing the premium content


  • Generated 50+ marketing qualified leads (MQLs) based on their specific list
  • Created an automated nurturing campaign to stay in touch with prospects throughout the sales cycle


Built an Asia Pacific lead gen machine that brought together media platforms, analytics, content and promotional offers that resulted in MQLs based on a global model but localized for them

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