The traditional sales model doesn’t really apply anymore in this era of empowered customers. That’s no surprise. But what’s replaced it? A series of touchpoints? A waterfall? A customer journey? 

The funnel is a textbook marketing concept, but the flowchart showing systematic conversion of leads into customers is oversimplified, and in many cases, just wrong. Customers no longer march in a straight line from awareness to consideration to purchase (if indeed they ever did).

There is no infographic to tell you which channel, what content, and what time is right for you to engage your prospects and customers. Every service/product, sector, niche, and target audience is different. That’s why marketers now have to become customer-centric and seek to engage at every relevant touchpoint. 

Like most marketers, you probably spend considerable time working out the answers to questions like these… 

→ Which social media platform is most likely to increase sales in a campaign? 

→ Does paid advertising work, or is everything word of mouth?

→ Is Wednesday morning really the best time to post?

→ Do you get better engagement with senior executives or working-level people?

→ Which works best: pictures of people or infographics?

→ Would people rather talk to an expert or download a whitepaper?

The answer to all these questions is… it depends. That’s where we come in. Current Asia leverages our expertise on the channels and content that deliver results at each stage of the customer journey to help your business find the best strategy for efficient lead generation.