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Putting the 'i' in Insurance In Asia

What’s the Next Wave for Insurance in Asia?
Some day will customers research and buy insurance online
without ever speaking with an agent? Or are people needed to sell
insurance? What technologies can help insurance companies and agents
personalize their policies and services, and become more efficient and
Current Asia set to find out, through a series of in-depth
interviews with insurance agents in Greater China and Southeast Asia.
The resulting market scan reveals some interesting trends and
opportunities, as agents work with insurance companies and on their own
to leverage technology in their businesses.
Here’s a look at some of the findings:
    • Some insurers have invested in marketing and sales technology, but day-to-day usage of these systems by agents is low.
    • Despite the offerings available from established players
      such as IBM and Oracle, or startups like Hearsay Social and HubSpot,
      many agents still rely on Excel spreadsheets, boxes of business cards,
      and hand-written notes for critical CRM data.
    • Much like real estate or automobiles, a minority of
      customers now buy insurance online – suggesting that it is still a
      face-to-face business, at least for the final closing. But consumers
      are increasingly online researching policies, and finding agents.
Click here to download your copy of “Putting the ‘i’ in
Insurance in Asia - Agents and Technology: The Next Wave.”
We hope you find the report perspectives useful, and welcome
the opportunity to discuss the implications for your business.
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