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WeChat Mini Programs

What You Need to Know

Since launching in 2017, WeChat Mini Programs have already attracted 600 million monthly active users. This exciting feature opens up incredible possibilities for interactive B2C and B2B marketing.

We’re sharing some of Current Asia’s insights included in The Ultimate Guide to WeChat to help welcome you to the inspiring world of Mini Programs!

1. Mini Programs Defined

Mini Programs are sub-applications that function within the WeChat app. All individuals and organizations can register and develop their Mini Programs accounts on Tencent’s platform. Mini Programs are accessible on WeChat and don’t require downloading another app that occupies more phone memory. Hosted on Tencent’s servers, Mini Programs run smoothly and are a creative tactic to engage audiences and generate leads for brands.  

Offer the last two years users are spending more time more often on Mini Programs, enabling companies to achieve multiple marketing objectives.

Sources: Jisu App report


2. Accessing Mini Programs

Mini Programs are literally at your fingertips. Since you only need to have a WeChat account to access Mini Programs, finding them is easy. Simply search on WeChat, scan a QR code from an ad on a billboard or magazine, receive a link to one within a WeChat group or from a friend, or find the link on a WeChat Official Account.

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Scan the QR code, access the Mini Program and pay the bill

3. Countless Mini Programs and Exciting Possibilities

Mini Programs enable WeChat to provide advanced services to users that are relevant to both B2B and B2C marketing. With the WeChat payment system, brands can launch mobile shopping experiences via Mini Programs with the power to reach WeChat’s more than one billion users. Mini Programs users can also book hotels, and order food and tickets without switching to another app. For businesses targeting other business decision makers, Mini Programs are an ideal way to drive content engagement and lead generation.

Take Pinduoduo for example. Pinduoduo is a Nasdaq-listed ecommerce company that developed an online shopping Mini Program enabling users to purchase items via WeChat payment. In just half year, the Mini Program has attracted over 100 million customers for Pinduoduo.

Add Tongcheng-Elong uses Mini Programs to handle online booking, enabling users to book tickets and hotels in a few simple clicks. There’s no need for them to register new accounts, simplifying the user experience and reducing the steps needed to get from initial click to transaction completion. The Mini Program has boosted the number of monthly active users of Tongcheng-Elong by 66%. text here.

Add paragraph text here.JLL developed a Mini Program to present its business and publish reports for users to browse and download, leveraging the marketing potential of WeChat. Without needing to drive subscribers to visit its official website outside WeChat, the Mini Program conveniently keeps subscribers engaged.

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Mini Programs are now used by more than 60% of WeChat’s billion-plus users. Capitalizing on this key feature of WeChat can effectively contribute to company and brand success in China. For more inspiration and insights about Mini Programs, check out Current Asia’s  The Ultimate Guide to WeChat.


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